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Efficient Cataract Surgery San Antonio

Efficient Cataract Surgery San Antonio. J.T. Kavanagh MD of Eye Associates of South Texas is one of the world’s most efficient cataract surgeons. Efficiency means not faster cataract surgery but safer and most routine surgery with no wasted movements. After 25,000 cataracts Dr. Kavanagh has standardized his method of surgery taking the efficiency to world-class.

As a clinical assistant professor at UT Health San Antonio Department of Ophthalmology, he has taught many residents his techniques and regularly lectures to eye doctors both locally and nationally. He shares his surgical technique freely on YouTube with surgeons around the world.

Below you will see him distill cataract surgery into 3-minutes. This is a real-time unedited surgery. It has taken him many years to reach this level of surgical skills and he is happy to provide this to his many patients. If you have a cataract and are in need of surgery Dr. Kavanagh provides care in: San Antonio (North Central and Medical Center), Seguin, New Braunfels, Castroville, Hondo, La Vernia, Gonzales, San Marcos, Luling, and Lockhart. When you require Efficient Cataract Surgery San Antonio there is likely no surgeon more efficient than Dr. Kavanagh. All cataract surgeries are performed under a topical anesthetic with IV sedation so his patients are in and out of surgery usually within a couple of hours of arriving at his hospitals or surgery centers. You have the option of basic (Insurance covered) or premium cataract surgery (partially covered by insurance). 

He is a laser cataract and refractive surgeon and can provide both basic and premium cataract surgery using the latest IOL (intraocular lens technology): Restor, Panoptix, Vivity, Eyehance, Synergy, Symfony, Toric, and Crystalens.

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Below is a YouTube Video of an efficient 3-minute Cataract Surgery!