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Light adjustable Lens-San Antonio. Eye Associates of South Texas is proud to introduce the new treatment of an adjustable (light adjustable) intraocular lens placement during cataract surgery. This means that your surgeon can refine the power of the lens that we place in your eye at the time of cataract surgery to give you a better chance of being 20/20 or even 20/15 vision without eyeglasses. This is the first time this technology has ever been available, it allows us to improve vision after surgery with a cold light treatment.

If you have a cataract and you select to have cataract surgery with a Light Adjustable Lens-San Antonio, then cataract surgery will be performed by one of Eye Associates’ Board Certified Ophthalmologists. At the time of surgery, an Rx Sight Light Adjustable Lens will be placed by the surgeon in your eye. Then 2-3 weeks after surgery once healing has taken place, the surgeon will make tiny adjustments to the IOL (intraocular lens) to allow you to see to your eye’s full potential, maybe as much as 20/20 without eyeglasses.

Cataract surgery and implantation of the light adjustable IOL is a five to ten-minute procedure that can improve your vision to 20/20 without eyeglasses after light adjustment in most cases. Dr. Kavanagh, board-certified ophthalmologist, one of the Eye Associates founding members has performed over 25,000 cataract surgeries and is an expert in 3-piece lens implantation.

The Graphic below shows how cold light can change the shape of the intraocular lens once it is implanted in your eye, and how this leads to customizable better vision for you! NO OTHER TECHNOLOGY CAN DO THIS!

Eye Associates of South Texas introduce the Light Adjustable Lens to South Texas

Eye Associates of South Texas introduces the Light Adjustable Lens to South Texas


We believe this technology is a game-changer and will allow more of our patients to have excellent vision without glasses after cataract surgery. If you have a cataract and would like to be evaluated for this new Light Adjustable lens please come in for an evaluation. With 11 locations Eye Associates of South Texas likely have a center near your home! Offices in San Antonio Medical Center, San Antonio North Central, New Braunfels, Seguin, Hondo, Castroville, Luling, Lockhart, Gonzales, La Vernia, and San Marcos. Please call 830-379-3937 or click the MAKE APPOINTMENT button.

Watch the video below explain in detail, how the light adjustable lens can help you.